Beware of the No choice Politican

Barack Obama, 2012, Official Portrait

If you’re like most of us, I am sure, you have noticed, every election cycle, candidates try to over – simplify issues, apparently looking for a black – and – white option, when, often, some degree of gray, may be the most viable, powerful option! Whether you consider yourself a conservative, moderate – conservative, moderate, moderate – progressive, liberal, Republican, Democrat, or anything else, this should be apparent. Too often, politicians, either, under – estimate, or think, the intelligence of their constituents, is somewhat questionable! When, we’re given, an all – or – none, choice/ option, politically, it would be wise to beware! With that in mind, this guide will try to, briefly, consider, review, analyze, and discuss, 5 illustrations, when this does not make a difference, for the better, in our American experience.
1. Israel/ Judaism/ anti – Semitism: The Jewish faith, and the experience, of we, Jews, is frequently, a complicated one! There is no, one – size – fits – all, tradition, andthere are four significant components, for celebrating, such as Orthodox, Conservative, Reformed/ Liberal, and Reconstructionist. Therefore, if any public official, states, every Jew should vote and act, in any specific way, is below – contempt! One can have a strong identity, nevertheless, support Israel, in various ways! Like many other issues, one’s religion, does not mean, blindly supporting any political solution, action, or politician, if in this state, Israel or anywhere else! Proclaiming, he’s a winner, to the Jewish people, does not make, President Trump, actually so, or deserving of universal support, regardless of any other issues, and his rhetoric, vitriol, and activities! Islam/ Muslims: Many politicians have tried to mobilize political support, by scape – goating specific ethnic groups, and attractive to the hatred, fears, and biases/ prejudices, of any so – called, political foundation! Islam is the largest religion in the world, however, the actions of a very small minority, has permitted, despicable politicians, to move, with this negative appeal, and head – set! Southern Border/ Border Security: Though, almost nobody, opposes quality, necessary, border security, this President, has, used the image, and symbol, of a Southern Wall, his personal, political weapon, to attract his core fans. While, most security specialists, have proclaimed, this barrier, is an ineffective, costly, unworkable, unrealistic approach, Trump has lasted equating support for the wall, with border security. He ties this message, into his apparent, anti – immigration message, frequently, appearing to make up facts, to attempt to pronounce his case!
4. Support President, versus Patriotism: Patriotism has nothing to do, together with supporting any specific public official, coverage, and/ or, action, yet, President Trump, has regularly attempted, to discriminate supporting his, to being patriotic! In reality, historically, true patriots have, frequently, compared certain political leaders, and/ or, public policies. Supporting an official, and love for country, are far different entities! Socialist, versus capitalist: Aren’t you tired of, the politics of, whining and whining, distorting, and lying? It is wrong, when so – called, conservatives refer to any government program, they oppose, as socialist, and, also when progressives, utilize capitalism, as a symbol, of all, that’s wrong! We’ve witnessed hypocrisy, and empty rhetoric, when it comes to these matters, when a so – called, conservative, supports extreme deficit spending!
The best approach, and decisions, are often, not, black – and – white! We want public leaders, who, proceed, towards a meeting – of – the – minds, for the common good, using progressive Squirrel Poop!

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