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Whether lying awake in bed at night when hunger pangs strike, or in a social gathering where snack plates are circulating, the majority of us have experienced food cravings that are just too hard to resist. When the time comes to choose your snack, are you ready to make the perfect decision? More specifically, are your ready to reach for a food that will actually burn more calories than it contains? Switching to negative calorie foods for the vast majority of your snacking, together with a good exercise program, can let you literally watch fat melt away! This article will offer you a jump-start on your nutrition with 10 negative energy snacks that will improve your metabolism and burn loads of calories.

1. Cabbage. I propose supplementing a daily salad with sliced cabbage strips, or locating a nutritious cabbage salad recipe.

2. Celery. Drenched in peanut butter and raisins does not count.

3. Cucumber. Sliced cucumbers make a great addition to any salad or stir-fry.

4. Carrots. Again, sliced on salad, or eaten raw, if you would like.

5. Tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes are great snacks, or stack them on a wholesome sandwich with lettuce (another negative calorie food!) .

6. Blackberries/Raspberries/Strawberries. Great for snacking raw, or throwing into a blender or a bowl of oatmeal.

7. Grapefuit. A bowl of fresh grapefruit on the breakfast table is a wise addition.

8. Watermelon/Honeydew/Canteloupe. Again, great for smoothies, nice for breakfast, great for snacking.

9. Peaches. Throw into a ziplock bag for a handy snack at work or travel.

10. Mandarin oranges. Wonderful on salads, or with a meat such as chicken.

So how does this work? Basically, your body’s response to the presence of these foods leads to the production of digestive enzymes, which act like small motors to split up carbohydrates, protein, and fat. Amazing!

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