Eat Turkey

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All along, turkey was associated to once a year family feasts.

The Truth Is, turkey is such a healthy meat, it should not be allowed ONLY

You ought to have turkey as part of your everyday

diet. Notably the breast meat of the turkey, with no skin.


3 reasons.


2. Turkey meat itself contains low fat content.

3. Turkey can be really yummy. My mom cooks a fantastic roast turkey.

Here are just two of her roast turkey



Sure, beef


For example, 1 ounce of turkey comprises between 15 mg and 24 mg cholesterol

While 1 ounce of beef comprises 20 and 30mg of cholesterol.

Large gap in artery clogging cholesterol involving beef and turkey. That

Turkey can make a significant difference.

As for protein, USA Poultry and Egg Export Council charged turkey as the

perfect protein. It’s more protein than chicken, or even a high loin beef


That makes turkey the Perfect food for growing children, athletes and anyone

Who wants lean muscle.


Skin in chicken or turkey, you eliminate the majority of the fat.

To poultry alone, and taking away the skin, you effectively eliminate the majority of the fat.

In Reality, 3 ounces of skinless, boneless turkey breast Includes a mere 1g of

That’s a weight watcher’s dream.

Healthy as possible get.

To their heart’s content, without consuming much fat. Still even if

You do change to turkey, watch your portion size. Double the amount you consume and


Then again, with the ideal seasoning, all, turkey can be yummy.

Just try my mother’s recipes like her roast

Turkey with bread crumb stuffing. It’s time to change to something healthy and yummy. . like turkey.

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