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The Bubble Gum has gone through a lot over its long history. From the early 1900s, a guy named Frank Fleer tried to think of the perfect bubble gum recipe for his candy company. He experimented with a great deal of gum recipes to locate it. His first bubble gum however turned out to be too sticky and his recipes were never sold.

In 1928, Walter Diemer was able to detect the bubble gum recipe by accident. He was experimenting with different gum recipes when he stumbled upon a mixture that started to form bubbles. He took this discovery and introduced it to a grocery store to test it. All the gum has been sold in one day.

Walter Diemer brought his creation to the Fleer Company and was named and promoted as”Dubble Bubble” gum. To help market the gum and help people understand, Diemer taught the salesmen how to blow bubbles using the gum. The salesmen in turn taught the people who bought the gum. It was a massive success and for many years the Dubble Bubble gum was the only bubble gum on the market.

The Topps Candy Company began manufacturing bubble gum at the conclusion of World War II. The company introduced the famous Bazooka Bubble Gum. This was named after the musical instrument that was created in the 1930s by Bob Burns. As an added gimmick, the gum had”Bazooka Joe” comic strips onto the gum wrapper which contributed to its popularity. Additionally as incentives for children, the Topps Company included gum to the Bazooka Joe baseball cards in 1953.

Each type and brand of bubble gum, can it be bubble or chewing gum, has its own special formula. But generally, these measures are followed in making gum. The ingredients are placed in large steam-jacketed kettles in which they are cooked at high temperatures until melted and become as thick as maple syrup. While maintaining the high temperature, the syrup is passed through mesh screen filters. They are then moved into vacuum strainers. After this, the hot liquid mixture is poured into a machine that has slow revolving blades. It is here that sugar, flavoring and corn syrup are added into the mix.

After this step, the sweetened liquid moves to a cooler in which the temperature is dropped to slightly solidify the gum and is ready for the extruder machine. The extruder machine will maneuver the gum to attain a certain texture. When set, the mixture is passed through a roller where the gum is flattened. The thinnest sheets are made into stick gum while the thicker sheets are made into candy-coated gum. The stick gum then goes through high powered machines where it’s wrapped, packaged and sent to different candy stores around the world.

The candy-coated gum though needs to go through more work. The thick sheets are cut into pellets and then sprinkled with powdered sugar. The sprinkled pellets are then put aside and allowed to set for 48 hours. When set, these pellets go into big revolving machines that coat them with candies until they reach the desired coat thickness. Then they go through high powered machines where they are wrapped, packaged and sent to the different candy stores.

At the present day, blowing bubbles has become a tradition that friends and families have where they pass on the joy of blowing bubbles with bubble gum.

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